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Dr Buds

A fusion of science and nature’s healing power

Acne, eczema-prone skin, hair loss, dandruff and sensitive skin are common conditions affecting many adults. Remedies in the market often contain harsh ingredients that may cause undesirable side effects in the longer-term.

Having achieved success and proven results in our Buds products, Dr Buds Organics was born out of our customers’ requests for potent products targeting these conditions in adults.

For more information please visit our online shops in Shopee or Lazada

• Acne Rescue Mild Cleanser
• Acne Rescue Sebum Control Gel
• Acne Rescue Acne Control Cream
• Easy-clear Rescue Soothing Cleanser
• Easy-clear Rescue Intensive Cream
• Easy-clear Rescue Soothing Lotion
• Dandruff Rescue Soothing Shampoo
• Dandruff Rescue Soothing Conditioner
• Dandruff Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum
• Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Shampoo
• Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Conditioner
• Hair Loss Rescue Soothing Scalp Serum

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