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Assistant Manager - Finance and Admin

We are looking for an up-and-coming accounting professional who possesses strong leadership and communication skills to collaborate effectively with team members both within and across departments. With fellow team members, he/she will be responsible for managing day-to-day accounting, finance, and administration functions. To excel in this position, the incumbent must have a good grasp of the company’s business and operations and possess good analytical skills, and a strong commitment to safeguarding the Company’s interest.


  • Leads the finance team members in managing sub-sections of finance, accounting, and administration of the company which includes performing accounts closing and preparing financial statements, and reports.  

  • Ensures accounting entries are timely and correctly captured, all accounting captions are timely reconciled, and discrepancies are resolved satisfactorily. Updates registers and files records/documents completely and timely.

  • Ensures timely preparation of accounting documents, payments, and sales proceeds collection.

  • Participates actively in business management by providing financial expertise to the Management team.

  • Ensures internal control system is functioning. Devises internal control processes and implements them where necessary. Safeguards the company’s interests and exposures.

  • Actively supports in managing financial performance. Manages inventory, cash flows, and various cost captions.

  • Participates in system/project development and implementation.

  • Liaises with auditors, bankers, and government authorities or any other local authorities.



  • Academic Qualification 
    Possess a bachelor’s degree in accounting or finance, or any recognised professional certificates of equivalent standard.  Candidates with part qualifications are also encouraged to apply.

  • Work Experience 
    At least 8 years of related working experience. Candidates who possess experience in the manufacturing environment would be advantageous.


  • Strong Leadership Skill 
    A self-starter, with the ability to drive and motivate members for team performance. Ability to work independently.


  • Trustworthiness and Integrity 
    Demonstrate a high level of integrity in all aspects of conduct.  Discretion when dealing with confidential and sensitive business information. A strong commitment to safeguarding the company’s interests and exposures.


  • Communication and Interpersonal Skills 
    Professional verbal and written communication and good interpersonal skills are required as you will be interacting with both internal and external parties.


  • Growth 
    Highly proactive, with a strong personal growth mindset.


  • Computer Skills 
    Strong proficiencies in SQL and Microsoft Dynamics ERP and MS Office modules (especially MS Excel) are desired.


Interested? Please email your CV, stating the position you wish to apply for, to

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