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Buds Household Eco

Effective anti-bacterial products,
baby-safe and powered by nature

As little ones become active and explore the home, parents will be concerned about the harmful residues they may pick up. The concern multiplies if the child has sensitive skin triggered by harsh chemicals found in most household products. Our household products are ECOCERT-certified and contain ZERO toxic chemicals. This safe, effective, and environmentally friendly range of cleaning products uses only surfactants of plant origin and no artificial fragrances or colourants.

• Baby Safe Laundry Detergent
• Baby Safe Fabric Softener
• Baby Safe Bottle and Utensil Cleaner
• Baby Safe Anti-Bac Floor Cleaner
• Baby Safe Anti-Bac Toy & Surface Cleaner
• Hand Sanitiser

For more information please visit our online shop at

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